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Musica Intrattenimento
Sviluppatore Tomoyoshi Natsui
1.99 USD

Are you making the best of your music files? Using Everlisten, you can listen to the main portion of the music one after another. Since it corresponds to background playback, you can listen to the music while doing some work, and the efficiency of the work may increase!

Its usage is up to you. For example, if you made a setup playback 30 seconds respectively, you can listen to 100 musics in 50 minutes of commuting time. And you may discover a new charm which you have never known in many musics!

At first, lets create a playlist. You can add the music from your iPod library to the playlist. This application plays a music from the "Start Position", and it plays a music for "Playback Duration". You can send music forward and backward when you pan the artwork displayed on the screen toward right or left.

You can configure preferences, "Non-stop mode" and the others, at "Setting" view.

Non-stop mode : If you select "On", the music will be started from "Start Position" and it will be ended after "Playback Duration".
Start Position : You can specify the start position of music at Non-stop mode.
Playback Duration : You can specify the playback duration of music at Non-stop mode.
Intelligent Shuffle : If you select "On", this application shuffles the music order so that all the music may take 1 round exactly.
Cross Fade Duration : You can specify the duration of cross fade.

Your favorite music may remind you the thought which only you felt.
Now, lets recover you-likeness.